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You are now leaving Girtopia. [08 Feb 2008|01:50pm]
Sorry mates. While part of me kind of hates to have to do this, the rest of me knows I have to do this. Why? Well, honestly, I'm not entirely sure. I guess the best way to put it is that while Gir will always be a part of who I am, and let's face it, bits of my personality will always reflect that of a deranged 12 year old, but that part of me that is Gir, it has gotten considerably smaller over the past few years. I admit it, I've been through a lot over my life so far especially over the past few years. And those memories and experiences have taught me so much and have changed me into, or at least has begun to, the much better person that I know I can learn to be. And i want to be that person instead of the bitter angry monster that I was raised as by a family that refused to see me for me and accept me as that person. Well, I'm not going to be that person anymore and they are not my family anymore. I'm going to try and learn how to be who I want to be, who my real family help me figure out I eventually could be. I guess this is just an odd form of closure, the last little paragraph on the page before the next chapter begins on the next. I am not deleting this journal, I'm just going to leave it. The only difference is that now i am only going to allow it to remind me, and refuse to let it haunt me. I'm just not Gir anymore. Time to grow up and leave the Neverland of Girtopia. I'll just come back for a visit once in a while on holiday if needed.

Now, with that said and this done, please direct your attention to the new journal, raininshotglass. Also, allow me to reintroduce myself, I'm Shane, and welcome to what I have decided will become known as Shaneland. Please enjoy your stay.
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And We're Back! [24 Jan 2008|11:15am]
Right, so I’m back and I have a shiny new MacBook to be able to work on. His name is Eric and I love him. He was my Yule present I brought myself me from the money from Grandpa Rayburn. He did his annual trust fund bit. I got about $12,000 in stock for Johnson & Johnson and a check for $3,000. So I was able to pay for school and my new pretty. I is a happy Gir, my pictures look pretty on Eric.

My holidays were my normal, meaning they sucked. I showed my annual Chandler appreciation for Thanksgiving, I hate that bloody holiday. Christmas has got to be one of the most uncomfortable times of the year for me. I have to be with all this family and people that I have next to no concern for. I get to be some fucked up fake version of me for because if I even revealed some bit of truth, hell would rain doom, terror, and fire upon all the masses. And it’s a fricken Fundie holiday, I’m Pagan you fucktards.

Pretty much what I got was just basic shit I needed for the apartment. The things I got that I liked the most were two things. Shae got me my Lorax book for Yule because she is just the shiny shit and at least she gets why that damn story means so damn much to me. And my parents gave me my fish tank. I like my tank, it’s a fish tank, but it was kinda disappointing. My mom told me to think of something I wanted that was about $70-$80 bucks for my big present. So, I found this kick ass fish tank for about $75, it had the net, heater, nice filter, all that shit, it was perfect. I brought her to the Petsmart literally pointed at it, and said ‘THAT ONE’. So, what did I get? I got the $25 dollar, no net, not even food, just a glass box with a lid and shit filter from Wal-Mart. It was just kinda crappy. I know I’m an asshole for bitching but it makes me feel like shit when my mom pulls shit like that on me. Don’t tell me to tell you what I want and make me all happy thinking I’m gonna get it when you are just gonna go ruin it like that, it’s fucked up. And to make it worse, she had gotten my sister this basic toaster at work, the two slot kind, because Jessie said she needed one. Well about a month after she brought it Jessie said the kind she wants is the $20 more four slot wide bagel sized one. So Christmas morning what happens, Jessie gets super toaster and my mom regifted me the small one, even though I watched her buy it for Jessie. Seriously, I hate my family.

But in better news, work is going awesome. Frank has just been so much better since we got our new Assistant Manager Ashley B and I think this chick is awesome. She works with you and she is just nicer and she appreciates your work and thanks you and compliments you on it. It’s just so much easier and fun when your boss is like that. It makes you want to work more and it makes it seem less like work. Ashley B already told me I’m her favorite cashier because I am willing to work and I show that I care about what I do and I that I care about the store and I don’t treat my work as just another minimum wage job. She treats me like one of the other Keys and not just a cashier because she knows I’m just as good as one and I know the store and the work enough to be one. It makes me feel all good and special. She always calls me Ducky though, which I’m fine with, I just find it odd. Angie, aka Babyzilla, is still preggers, she is due April and she is finally having a girl. One of the advantages of working with your knocked up cousin who is bitchy when she’s working is this bit of conversation between me, her and Marcus:

Me- (To the tune of Baby Beluga) Babyzilla in the big blue vest! Babyzilla her bitching is the best!
Angie- Mandy, no, I will not have a theme song!
Marcus- (To Me) You’re a fucking asshole dude, that was great.
Angie- Marcus shut the fuck up, it’s Mandy, she doesn’t need encouragement!

School should be good this semester, none of my classes seem like I’ll be lsot in them and I think even the math one is going to go well. Mythology is the shit though. This guy is going to be awesome and finally a class where people talk about Pagan shit and it doesn’t consists of that Salem Witch trial crap! Bartending should be awesome too. I am figuring out something though. It started last semester but I figured it was just because I was new to The Group and it was some weird initiation. But no, it’s even more this semester. I’m cute apparently and I’m apparently good at being cute too. All the cute little gay girls in The Group all like to hug me and say hi and cuddle with me in the lounge and I’m like some lesbian playboy pimp. It was a Chandler Revelation, ‘Am I Sexy In Oklahoma!?’ So does me not being so fat anymore make me cute? And am I really like charming and shit? This is a new discovered power, it is fun. I’m cute, all the little lesbians think I’m cute. And apparently when you don’t know your cute, they think it’s cuter. Why, what is so amusing about that? I know I’m sarcastic but I didn’t know being funny could be this good of a thing. I must further investigate my new found abilities!

I’ll be back, don’t start greasing that pig without me!
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Woot. [20 Dec 2007|06:49pm]
Okay, so to let you all know, my cake, it was a giant, lit up, Jolly Roger. Yeah, it was awesome and I wouldn't let anybody eat it. My father had the cake pan custom made at work and it cost about $150, just for the cake pan. And if that alone doesn't make you understand why this man is my dad and John will never be, this will. He got up at 4 am to make the cake for me, and then, maybe an hour after he was done, it fell, and this was destroyed into a pile of crumbly cake bits. He was devastated, my mom called and told me while I was at work and I almost started crying. But, because he is the best father in existence, two hours before my party was to begin, he made my mother go out and buy four more cake mixes and he built me a whole new fucking cake, this man is awesome.

As for what the big surprise present was that my mom, Aunt, and Jackie the Pharmacist got me. It is a six foot tall, robotic, animated, skeleton pirate. It moves, it's eyes flash, it has a sword, a goblet, and it's mouth opens, and when you plug in the microphone, you can talk and it will talk with a different voice whatever you say. It's is awesome, it is in my living room, and it scared the shit out of the Niblet. His name is Drake, and he's just shiny. I also got a really kick ass pirate book, a pirate flag, a huge bottle of rum, a big skeleton pirate cage thingy, the Pirate cd player, and of course, money. I am a happy Gir. And also my dad let me bring home a bit of my Uncle's homemade wine, guys, you sniff this shit and you can get drunk off the smell there is so much alcohol in it. It's yummy.

I got to see my family, I got to see Shae, I got to drink a lot, and get to continue drinking. My semester is over, I can relax for a bit and focus on work. I have a kick ass apartment that is neat and I get to use it as a photo studio. Yeap, it's all good.

On an annoyed note, if one more friggen person says 'Merry christmas to me' I will kill them. I'm pagan, you fucktards. We celebrate Yule which kicks the shit out of christmas. I know I can't expect them to know that, but still, why can't the damn shitbricks be all politicaly correct and say 'Happy Holidays!?' is it really that hard you damn fundies!? I had some stupid old lady say it to me this morning and I wanted to throw a snowball at her face. I hate perky people. I had a very bad night the night before and have gotten a lot of bad news in the past 24 hours, I don't want a merry christmas, I want people to quit being morons.

Okay, I feel better. Happy Yule/Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah/whatever everybody!
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Penguins, Mongoose, Beavers. [10 Dec 2007|11:03am]
So in three days I'll be able to drink legeally. Doesn't that just make you all a wee bit nervous now? This pirate will be able to have her rum and drink it too.

The apartment is coming along rather nicely. I have a flower chair now which is completly not my style but I think it is hilarious. My room, which is still fucking lavender girly ass purple, will soon have a poaster of chocolate easter bunnies playing in a basket on it's walls. Right next to my poster print of Masse's 'The Last Dance' which if you know what that is, you will see why it's funny. I love this apartment more then anything. Serioulsy, it's scary how comfortable I am there even though it's only been a week. The only thing that really needs to change is the ugly yellow flower curtians on my front door, yeah those will be going bye bye. I will use Sam to take pictures soon, and then I'll upload them to Facebook so you all can see them.

This Saturday is my Piratey Shindig. So we are looking at, me, my mom's family, Liz, and some people from work, all in one house, with alcohol. I honestly have no clue if I am more curious to see what happens or dreading it. It should just be really interesting to see. I just want my fucking crown. That was the one thing I told my mom I need to have at the party, my crown so I could be Pirate King. We did buy me one and I will be wearing it and I will be pleased. I really want to know about the cake too. My dad is known for making these awseom ass birthday cakes for my nephews, so of course I wanted him to do mine. But, he is very secretive about it. My mom doesn't even know many details. All we know is that he had to have the guys at his work make a special custom pan for it, which is odd already, that my mom got five cake mixes and said that was 'a start', and that my dad was up at 4 am one morning working on the wireing for it. So what the hell could this cake be that has to do with pirates?

I took Sunday off because let's face it that will be the only day I get to do anything for my birthday. My actual brithday I have a three hour final in a class I hate, and a doctor's appointment. Friday, I work, and Saturday, I work in the morning, have the party, and then go home because Shae is spending the night at Girtopia for my birthday with me. So yeah, Sunday, while it was meant for not drinking and stuff, will be spent pillaging and doing just so. I'm a pirate, it's what I do.

Alright, now I am bored and I am going to go down to the lounge and see who of the Group has decided to show up yet.
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So guess what. [05 Dec 2007|10:42am]
So, you all are probably aware that I have a stepsister, Jessie, mother of three kids, enganed to an alcoholic, used to beat the tar out of me daily, any of this ringing a bell? Yeah, she called me yesterday at my apartment, which had I known it was her I would have ignore dit because she only calls me when she wants me to baby sit. Which gets really annoying no matter how much I love the kids. But, since she called from work I didn't recognize the number and answered. I am actually very surprised at what she had called for.

She is marrying the drunk next Oct. I'm the bloody maid of honor and have to wear a shitty dress and all and I will hate it because I am not fond of her. But, in just that once conversation, made me a lot more willing to be perky about being at the wedding and being in a dress. She called me to ask me a question/favor.

My sister, wants me to be the somewhat official wedding photographer. She said she knew I would know what I was doing and she wanted me to do it. The only issue was that I can't take pictures of the actual ceremony since I will be at the friggen alter with her. But I agreed to show my father how to use the camera so he can cover that. But reception and the wedding party pictures is all me. My father will have to take the wedding party pictures with me in them but that's it. I get to set them up, take them, and I am incahrge of putting an album together for her and Ben. And best part is, I will be getting paid for it.

So yeah, seeing as how no one in my family ever acknowledges that I am an artist and photographer, this was pretty surprising and just new for me. It's a gig, it's awesome, and I will finally get some credit from my relatives for my skills and talents. I'm pretty damn excited about it. I am going to rock the shit out of this and rub it in thier faces how friggen stupid they are.

So, of course, after this conversation, I call three people, Shae, Liz and my mother, Shae, I got the voicemail but I'm sure she is excited as hell for me. Liz was excited and said it was great. But then, of course, my mother has to destroy my little artist high by responding "Yeah? So what?". You know there is nothing like your mother supporting your art and your identity as an artist. See now normally, that would discourage me and make me feel like my art is shit. But, I have come to realize, my mother is a moron who can't even spell 'film' let alone know shit about my art or anything to do with it.

I honestly have never been more excited about having to wear a fucking dress. That's just hilarious.
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Girtopia rules over all! [03 Dec 2007|08:05pm]
I just want to say I love my apartment so much. It just feel so comfortable. Nothing negative is attached there and nothing will be as long as I can help it. This is just the first place where I don't have some shitty piece of my past plastered all over the walls to remind me of who I used to be. It actually feels like home. It just bound to get better once I finish unpacking shit.

And also, in about 10 days I will be 21 and old enough to but my own bloody alcohol. Hell yeah, for what is a pirate without it's rum!?

I'm also very excited because one of my friends from my group was letting me and another girl fool around and take pictures of her and she really liked how I knew what I was doing and that I could set up shots. It also dosen't hurt that out of about 86 pictures, I only took one and that one was her favorite of them and she has made it her profile picture everywhere. So, since she could see that I was just having photography orgasums over this and because she had loads of fun too, we are planning on setting up some times where they come over and I get to just go nuts and have her do whatever pops ito my artistic little head. I love it because I felt comfortable taking her picture and she was just awesome at taking the directions and holding the position until I got my shot.

I also have about a billion ideas for more pictures and now that I have the space to make my own little studio I can spend a lot more time on my pictures. This is just awesome because I have been feeling so camera deprived and I just feel so much better about my pictures that I would kill to be able to take more. Besides, I have a portfolio to build up because right now I only have about 50ish pictures, which okay, is better then my original two or three, but come on, that's sad for me. I've gotten better about letting people see my work and they just really like it, so hey why not? Pam and Sam are getting along very well too. Pam knows I still love her the best even though I don't get to use her as much as Sam, but she knows that's just because Sam is more convient and less expensive. I was sad last night though, I actually stuck my face in my film canister just because I miss the darkroom that much. The smell of the chemicals is still in there and while that makes me sound like a druggie, you love my art as much as me and see if you don't want to stick your head in a film canister.

I am going to go home now and type up my psyc paper while watching Firefly. It will be quiet and I will be all alone and it will be fantastic. I even get to wear my super cool blue moose pants. Why? Beacsue I am me and I am awesome!

Night Night.
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Da Da Dah Da! [26 Nov 2007|10:35am]
My first night in my apartment is this Saturday. It is pretty and mine and I love it to bits. I will be taking pictures for facebook so all can see and squeal.

I hate Thanksgiving, it is the most annoying holiday in existance to me. I love the whole thankfull part and spending time with family. Yeah, I never get that. I spent mine with my parents, whom I am not fond of, and I ate ham, cooked in a stick of butter, with corn, also cooked in a stick of butter, and a easy mac cup. I felt so sick afterwards. This is what happens when you don't live home for about three years, you eat good food because your best friend and girlfriend are health nuts and you lose half your physical being. Then when you have to be home for a bit and you eat like you had to when you were fat and ate nothing but grease, you feel sick all the time and will kill anybody and everybody for a salad. That is actually what I plan on eating Saturday night, a whole fucking bag of salad all to me. It will be yummy. I have never craved salad in my life. What has happened to me?

This weekend was awesome. Got to see my BRTC people, got to see Broadway, got to spend time with people I actually like. Went to see 'Enchanted' with the Beastie, it was really good, really funny and I ponder what the children of McDreamy and Maureen would actually look like. It made me giggle. She will be back for the Piratey Shindig, may Neptune and Calypso have mercy on her soul if she makes it back in time to actually go to the party. But it will be good to see her afterwards, and of course there will be rum. Also, this weekend, I got a special edition DS Lite, that's right baby, the Zelda one. Gir is getting her Hylian on.

This week I will be working on setting up Girtopia for when I do actually live there. It's the last week in crazy fat ass land. I'm sooooo happy. No more waking up to fishing poles on my face. I will be alone, and it will be quiet, and I will have space and the ability to dance around in glee.

Okay, I can't really think of anything else to say. I love and miss you all. I will try and have a shindig at Girtopia as soon as I can for you all to see it.
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Here I come to save the day! [15 Nov 2007|06:42pm]
Right, so, as to why I have been quiet, it's because everytime I try and go to LiveJournal from my computer at my parent's house it errors and closes on me. But I am still around, just unable to post because LiveJournal is the Plague of my most useable computer.

But actually, considering somethings, things are going kinda good. I'm actually surprised. You would think being back in my parents house where I spent a good bit of the childhood that turned me into the anti-social, somewhat Emo, abused, and angry monster that I am would bother me a lot more then it is. But I am happy to say, it's not that bad. I get to eat regular food, do my laundry, study and stuff in peace, and I get to see my nephews including my godson almost everyday. Though Bing has made himself the official annoyer of me. I'm not kidding, the brat will wait until I come downstairs in the morning, run up, hit me in the leg, smile evily, and run away. He truly was meant to be my godson, he acts and has mostly the same habits as I do. It's kinda creepy. I love him to death though and he will be turning two Dec. 1st.

I did do something I feel somewhat guilty for, because my mother points out almost daily that I am supposed to be saving for an apartment and it's rent. An apartment that I already have two months rent saved for. But I gave in and brought myself, a new digital camera. It's not a crappy one, but it is nowhere near as good as Pam, my still superior film camera. I got a hell of a deal on it and an even better deal on the SD cards I needed for it. I had been wanting one just because they are so much easier to have and use for a Carry Camera. That basically means I plan on carrying him everywhere as to not ever miss a photo again. True, I will always love film more and I will use Pam for my actual photo shoots. But Sam, which is what I have named my new little guy, will be for everyday use and for things like my Piratey Shindig that's coming up and when I go places like the City. But I figure having Sam is worth it because it means I can get my shots, no matter where I am and I always know the shot I get because unlike film, I get to see the bloody picture and not waste film on things that are not Pam worthy.

I am really excited about two things coming very soon. One, my parents are giving me a 21st birthday party. Which I have decided to call my Piratey Shindig. It is a Pirates themed party, complete with rum that will never be gone. The best thing is, I have been waiting for years to finally be able to drink with my cousins. Michael, Kevin, Jimmy, and Joey have been drinking together at family parties forever and now I finally get to drink with them. It's sad that I am looking forward to that so much but you guys don't get, I have loved those four forever and they have always been so cool to hang out with, but they have always been the 'big cousins' and I am the only little cousiin. Now, I am one of them. It makes me feel special. Don't judge me! It's just going to be great to get to see all my family finally. I haven't been to a family party in almost a year because of work and now I will be at one and better yet, it's mine and I get cake and presents.

The second thing I'm waiting for is that Girtopia will soon be mine and I will finally have the alomst independant life I have been wanting for about two years. I get to blow up and hang my pictures everywhere! I get to chose how all the funriture goes. My dad is fixing up our old coffee table for me and I am so happy because I loved to play on that when I was a kid and I thought he threw it out years ago. But he didn't and now it's mine and I get to play with hot wheels and play-doh and action figures on it once again! I can play my gamecube and use my video chair. I am gonna have a couch that's also a bed. I get a cool fish tank. And alcohol! I might even be getting an air hockey table. How bloody cool is that!? Girtopia is going to kick so much ass.

So yeah, I think I'm done now. I can't really think of anything else. I hope everything is going good with everybody. I'll be using Sam to take pictures at the party and Girtopia so you all can see them once I get the USB card reader for him. I love my new camera. It makes me happy. I really am a huge freaken dork I know.
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Read and vote, it will make me happy! [08 Nov 2007|09:06pm]
Alright guys, so most of you know I have been doing photography for a few years and I love it. Well I got this and since I love this picture and because it seems like a cool opportunity, just take a second and do it for me. Please? You know I all cute and junk. This photo is the one that I had published about three years ago. You just have to click the link, give me a rating for the picture and that's about it. Thanks guys.

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Happy Samhain. [31 Oct 2007|03:58pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

Happy Samhain Mates! It's our new year and welcome to it. Shit load of stuff going on today. One of my favorite damn days ever. Energy is just everywhere and it just feels fricken awesome. This right here, this is what makes me really miss casting and practicing. Man, this feels good! Red Bull can't do this to you kids, this is just the lovely effects of a natural energy high. Oddly enough I just wanna fight like hell even though I'm no where near anrgy, I haven't felt this good in months. I need that damn apartment so I can start screwing with shit again.

A new year and things are indeed changing. I am currently moving, as in today. I am soon going to be in my first apartment that is mine and we all know what that means and represents for me. My relationship is showing signs of change, but things seem to have funny ways of working out. Nothing bad mates, we are changing, but it's okay. It's for the best and it's the smart thing to do. I am finally starting to feel happy though I have a long way to go. Certian things and certian people know how to make me smile. I intend on working those bits into my life a lot more frequently.

This is my 8th 'official' Samhain, I think. And this one kinda means the most to me in some ways. I'm a big kid now. Pretty much everything I have I get for myself and I intend to keep it that way. I am starting to be able to determine who will permanatly be a part of my life and who needs to start being left behind. It's gonna be hard but I am very much looking forward to the challenge. I get my complete freedom this year and I feel bad for anybody who tried to stop that. Nobody is taking this life from me, I'm working for it and I'm the one who wants it. This year I intened to confront the past and deal with it so I can leave it mostly behind. I do not intend to forget it, I just refuse to let it haunt me.

This year, I am not addicted to pain medication. I'm starting to eat better and sleep regualry and of course seeing as how I am physically half the person I was a year ago that has changed a lot. I feel better. I don't smoke anymore, I will be drinking but thanks to my medication, not a lot. I'm not really scared any more of seeing what I can do. I'm starting to accept my art and even at times be proud of it instead of hide it and feel self-concious. I know this year, people who used to effect me and control me, don't have that power anymore. And the people who do, only have it because I allow it and want them to have that control.

A lot is going to happen this year. A lot more then a lot of people think. Things are gonna happen and changes will occur. Watch for them, don't blink, or chances are your gonna miss it. This year is gonna be fucking awesome.

And no, I haven't had any candy yet.

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Dum Dum Dum! [19 Oct 2007|11:08pm]
Hello Children. Just a minor, probably insignificant note. I am in Beastie Land with the Kitten Of Death and Doom and since I have the ability and I noticed it had become a need, I made a new AIM Screen Name. I love my old one but when your buddy list consists of mostly people you don't rememeber that is fate telling you to either stop doing so many drugs or to get a new one. I am choosing to do the later since the first one isn't much of an issue in the first place. So, feel free to update your little lists if you feel like it. theonlysupergir is the old name, it is evil and will hardly ever be used anymore. therainscreed is the new name and that will be the one linked to my phone and to my new pretty once I get my money and buy my pretty. Thank you, please enjoy the rest of your lives.
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THE APARTMENT IS MINE! [18 Oct 2007|08:57pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

That's right kids. My future landlord called a bit ago and it is official. As of the last week of November/first week of December I will be moving into my very own one bedroom apartment. $600 a month, and that includes, ALL utilities. It's mine, and well Loki's too. I get to paint any room I want any color I want. Loki will get his closet, Indy will get a spot of honor, and Girtopia will be born. I have felt like absolute shit lately and while I still do, and this doesn't fix all the problems and make all the stress go away, it sure does help a whole freaking lot. I will be able to cook finally and I can set up my desktop, I can finally study without being parinoid. You guys have no fucking clue how much this apartment means to me and what it represents to me. This is mine, I am responsible for it, I will be the one taking care of it, and pretty much no one will be helping me. I am shaking like I haven't taken my pill in weeks I am so happy. But, yes I have been taking the pill. Relax.

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Just Random Things As I Kill Time [04 Oct 2007|08:19pm]
Ah, nothing makes my night better then having a conversation on the phone with my biological father. Man, I love those akward moments we share, which is pretty much every moment we share.

So, work was fun today. Inventory is in 5 days and we got a 20 foot truck today. Guess who was the one who came in inbetween classes when she wasn't supposed to and worked out about 45 boxes worth of stock. -raises hand- Me! It's all good, I'm gonna be over in hours again and get overtime which makes me happy. But, on the down side, my body is completly exhausted and my knees and ankels hate me for existing right about now, my back and shoulders are getting there. And there is also the lovely fact that I'm starting to depend on Red Bull for life again, and asprin is my new best friend. But, in about a week it will be over and I can go back to only slightly killing myself with my odd love for working.

Okay guys, I have a confession to make, I...am a comic addict. I have ben since I was a kid. -sobs- I just can't help it, the pretty colors, the suspense, the fact that all words are in little shapes! I have always been more partial to Marvel over DC just for the mere fact that Spiderman could kick the crap out of Batman anyday as far as I'm concerned. But I needed a comic fix and I brought the Civil War of Runaways and Young Avengers. Dude, I have to have the rest of the Runaways now. Karolina is just adorable and Molly is like this insane little bunny girl. I love Xavin though, he's just awesome. But it's driving me nuts that I know the back story and everything but I didn't actually read any of it. So I already looked and seeing as how my paycheck will be huge because of all my borderline suicide working, I will be buying at least a few of them really soon. I also have to start getting the Spiderman collection I have been dying to read. I have been wanting to get the first one or two for months and damn it I'm gonna.

In other news, I had to do something that I found really odd this week. It's gonna be winter, it will be slightly cold. That usually doesn't effect me much but I still tend to own at least one jacket so when it gets seriously cold I'll wear it so other people don't stare at me wondering why I'm fone in shorts and a tee shirt. So I'm packing my coats since I doubt I'll need them until after I move, and for the hell of it I tried the first one on before going to put it in the box. Okay, I have had this coat for two years, I didn't need one last year because it never got cold enough for me, so this coat is practically new, but two years old. Yeah, the fucking thing doesn't fit. I love this coat, it's was my Thatcher Coat. But apparently since I was twice my size two years ago I needed a fricken 2X coat, now, not so much. So sadly I had to surrender the coat to my mother, who has informed me that my father has stolen it from her. I had to go buy a new coat. Yeah, the other three, including my ColeBrook Black Leather, none of those fit either, I'm just not as willing to give them away yet. So I go to Target, I find a new coat, it's a medium. And not that that isn't all happy and shit, but damn I can't wear either of my denims or my black leather anymore. It's actually kinda depressing. I went from having four coats to two. Now I just have Collins Coat, and whatever I name this one.

I got my first two tests back. One in Psychology and one in Economics. I got an 83 on both. Well, technically I got and 83.53 on my Psy one. I'm happy with both. I wasn't expecting to do as well as I did just because I've been tired and stressed. Also, on my Psy test, the bonus was worth 5 points, I scored 6 on it. And my teacher made a cool comment saying how people with mental disorders, like me as described in my answer, are the ones who tend to become some of the most brilliant. It made me feel special.

And now Liz is here and that means I get to go home. So I guess that's all I get to say for now. I can't think of anything I'm forgetting so I guess it isn't that bad. Oh well. I can just say it next week.
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Look At Me! I'm Weird! [26 Sep 2007|11:52am]
So, my hair is driving me crazy. You guys know that I am weird about my hair. Well right now I look like the ending result of if Cousin It knocked up Shaggy from Scooby Doo with a gay love child. Yes, It's that bad. If my hair pokes me in the eyes one more time I'm shaving my friggen head. Tried to get it cut Sunday, no place was open and the only one that was, had four people waiting already. But, that's not all that bad because later that day at work, Lori, an awesome regular at the store and hairdresser, came in with a roll of film for me. I asked her for the info to her salon and she just went all happy on me. Seriously, her eyes got all big and she said "I've been dying to cut your hair, everytime I see you I just wanna highlight your head." So sometime this weekend or next week we will be visiting Lori because I want my fucking Shane McDreamy hair back! My mom has been trying to go to Lori too and what was great was that Lori said that since we are great to her at the store and because we know her she can get us discounts and stuff for us and people we send there. It's like joining the Hair Cutting Mofia.

I think I am going to set up another photo shoot. I haven't taken pictures in forever and I am debating as to what to take pictures of. I am leaning more towards the idea of my toys, like odd angles and close ups of them. It would just be fun to see just how many different ways I can take a picture of my Hotwheels/Matchbox collection. Or my TMNTs and all their glory. Of course things like Tristran and my Lorax and Kyo would be included. I think I will ponder this more.
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In Honour Of International Talk Like A Pirate Day [19 Sep 2007|12:25pm]
Ahoy me hearties, and especially me wenches! As some of ye may know being me crew mates and all, today be the day that is know through-out the seven seas as 'International Talk Like A Pirate Day' ! And seeing as how I be not only a Pirate Captain but, in some wenches minds at least, the Pirate King, I though I would give a piratey greeting to all me mates out there!

But before I give my own piratey blessing to all me loyal crew, I says we all take a moment, raise our colours, and give a great big ARR! for all those known and great pirates of both reality and not so much reality. For me hearties, where would we seadogs be without the great legacies of those such as Calico Jack, Jean Lafeate, and even Long John Silver to look back on. And ye not forget also those pirates of this day and age who are still on their swashbuckling voyages of good honest pirating and pillaging, but also give us hope that some day still we will sail under their captaincy. Mates let us raise our grogs for the likes of Captain Shakespeare, the most graceful pirate to ever! Captain Jack Sparrow, Her Majesty, Elizabeth Swann, Barbosa, Norrington, hell even Captain Turner of the Flying Dutchman! Also, for the sake of he is as fierce a Captain as any, Captain Malcolm Reynolds, who is more fondly known as Captain Tight-Pants. To the Code, it’s Guidelines, and especially to Parlay!

Now, for me own little piratey blessing, as promised, and I’ll have my words marked, but not with a Black Spot. To all me crew, me wenches, and even Timid Timmy, me cabin boy, here’s to hoping ye always have permission to board, ye never have to walk the plank, and that ye chest be always full of treasure! May your sails stay full, your rum never be gone, and may ye always know the combination to Davy Jones’ Locker! Arr!

-Captain Gir of the good ship, ‘Legen-Dairy’!
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I Love Cold Medicine! [10 Sep 2007|01:09pm]
Two things I currently am mad about myself for. One, I am sick, and since I hardly ever get sick, when I do I get sick for a while, and I hate being sick. Two, when I am sick apparently I trun into a big pathetic wuss instead of my normal kick ass awesomeness. Guys, I spent last night huddled in a ball on my bed, in my hoodie, in the dark, with Tristran, my Nemo blanket, and my TMNT pillow, completly wrapped up in my blanket. I just layed there and watched Friends through a tiny hole I had made for air and tv viewing. I only got up twice, once to change the disc, and once to put on my favorite tee shirt to sleep in even though I had every intention of putting back on the hoodie and crawling back up into a ball. I know that kinda made changing pointless but I'm sick and miserable and I love that shirt, it makes me feel better! It's the fox tee shirt the beasties gave to me and I really like sleeping in it, it's comfy and warm! I was like that from about 7 until 9, I tell you it must have been amusing seeing just a mass of blankets and a hand reaching out of it once in a while for the Finding Nemo Sippy Cup filled with OJ I friggen hate being sick. But look on the bright side, apparently we found the key to making me sleep. I fell asleep around 9:30 last night and slept straight through till 7 this morning. Of course then I got up and walked to school in the rain, but hey I'm Gir, I always do stupid things.
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Who knew one could get drunk on apple juice? [08 Sep 2007|10:29am]
[ mood | blank ]

Howzit. I am really tired and not feeling well so I am probaby just gonna ramble for a lot of this, but I wanna update because it will cheer me up, so screw ramble-haters I'm gonna.

I'm alright, just kinda tired, and starting to get sick. Serioulsy, I drank a whole fucking bottle of apple juice last night. I cannot afford to get sick. You guys know I'm a stubborn ass hole about being sick and taking medicine. The good news is this time if I get sick there will be no blond actress people around to annoy me about it. Besides, I am already busy enough, I have four classes, I already went over in hours this week at work and it's only the first week. I'm walking to and from all of my morning classes, we are going to the gym twice a week, I have to study for school and just in general, and now I get to start packing for the apartment. I will be dead, but I will have a nice apartment, some money, and an education!

In other news, I got some ineresting information in the mail the other day. Yeah, apparently, one of the companies I own stock in has been lying about their numbers for a few years. Yeah, Xerox, they have been really fucking around with their facts. But I'm not that angry and you wanna know why? Because according to the lovely letter I got from them, there is a very good chance that I am one of the share holders who is intitled to a share in a tiny pool of money that they seem to now owe for you know lying and everything. Does anybody want to know how much money is in said pool? About 44 Million dollars! So what does this mean? It means that when I call my father and get him to talk to my grandfather and the lawyer that handles all my stock, that Gir might be getting some very pretty money. Gir is very happy, thank you Xerox for being a lying sack of shit!

Yeah, so I'm gonna go get ready for work. I'll be around later.

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Ever have one of those weeks? [31 Aug 2007|03:07pm]
So, things lately have been less then fun. I'm starting to sink back into my kiserable depressed shit and I hate that because I had just gotten all the way out and was doing really well. This week sucked so much ass.

Shae left for college and while I love her and am proud and supportive, it doesn't make having my best friend move to a city I want to live in any more yippie fucking skippie. She did make me feel special requesting my psychotic boxes of randomness. So of course to help her cope with not being home and starting college she shall recieve them. I'm planning on doing about one a month at random points in the month. So far I have the box and about 1/4 of it filled with crap-o'-random. It's about the only thing I have going right now to make me feel happy. Besides looking forward to my apartment.

Monday was my day off, I am very lucky it was. Shae's little sister called me around 10 in the morning, her best friend had died. Now, with Shae in the City and Susan MIA, I am her next chance of sanity, which makes me feel really special that I am that loved, but also scared that I am this poor girl's chance for comfort, me, Satan. Anyways, she called me, and after getting her to calm enough to understand what had happened, I took off for the apartment spending the rest of my day off with her. I love my Niblet and was actually happy that I had the day off and was able to be there.

Taejah, the girl who died, I didn't know well, I had met her a couple times and she seemed awesome. No one that young, or at all, deserves to go through what she did and I can only hope that after unfailry being given a longer life, while she was robbed of one that she rightfully deverved, that I have an ounce of the strength and courage that girl had. She will be incredibly missed and fondly remembered by many people. As for the doctor who screwed her over, you are a fucking asshole and it makes me sick to think that people like you, who know you are insanely depended on perform, to instead be such a lame ass loser. I have insane amounts of respect for anybody involved in medicine, I think it is a fascinating field and I applaude all those involved or who ever will be involved. But that doctor? No, you are an idiot. Enjoy your bloody karma!

So, where was I? Yes! My not so fun filled week of hell.

Work has been kinda annoying. I know I love work, I will glady do the hard physical part, it doesn't bother me. But when I have been going all week and ask for a slight ease, just for a bit, and I get laughed at and denied, that doesn't make me happy and it doesn't really make me want to push myself much for you. So, let's look at yesterday shall we? I was scheduled from 7:45 am to 4 pm. Normal shift, no big deal. I was the cashier, not my favorite thing, but I busted my ass cleaning and doing photo and helping customers to stay busy. So again, I'm alright, just getting kinda tired. Around 1:30, I ask Frank about taking my lunch, a lousy half an hour. He giggles, says no, walks away. I am slightly annoyed. 2:15 rolls around, I am hungry and my ankle is sore, the one I had tendonitius in last year, because of work, I want to eat and chill for my lunch. So, I page Gabe, she is just doing planos, and can cover the register while I eat. She walks up and says, 'Don't get mad but Frank heard you page me and said to tell you no because there is no coverage." HOW THE HELL IS SHE NOT COUNTED AS COVERAGE!? And besides that, by law if there is only a manager and cashier, i.e. me and Frank, he has to cover while I am on brake! But that's not even the case! Gabe is there and can stop her plano for 30 fucking minutes while I eat, she even said she would be glad to of Frank would let her. Frank comes up, giggling to himself, saying I will be allowed to go on break at 3 when coverage shows up. Okay, here's what's wrong with that. The 'coverage' is a new girl who doesn't know how to use the register, how is a chick who can't turn the screen on supposed to cover me!? And also wtf is the point of going at 3 when I leave at 4!? I had been standing up there since 8 in the fucking morning, I was tired and hungry! So, I of course, became pissed, told Frank I was so, to which he just giggle, even after I called him an ass hole, to his face. I did what any good employee would do, absolutely nothing. I stood at the register and rang, nothing else, and I did nothing but complain about Frank the whole damn time. I didn't take my break at all. Why waste the time when I could just stay on, get paid for another full hour, and piss of Frank at the same time? So I did. I felt special. Frank felt dumb. Corp. will see that I did that, Corp. will not like it, because that extra 30 minutes, pushed me over 40 hours, Corp. hates paying over time, and now thanks to Mr. Shithead, they have to. So yeah, holiday pay and overtime in one week? Sure I'll take it, thank you very much.

I also spent the last two nights at Liz's, which isn't bad, I had fun, but I had to do my laundry there since my 'appliance nazi land lord' is being really creepy about things. Thus making it so much more harder to wait until Dec. when I can move! So to add to that fun, I start school next week, I need the internet and a computer to do homework. The Nazi has decided that 'to insure that anything damaged in the house is by her cause and hers alone' that I am no longer allowed to use things, like the computer! So I now have to make sure I get all my work done at the college because I can't do any here, after I think next week or something when my computer rights are revoked. You know I love how she can keep raising rent higher then what we agreed on, and then lower what I am able to do, and again what we had originally agreed on doesn't mean poop.

I want this week to be done, I want this year to be done, it has been good and bad and it's making me crazy. I want my apartment! The good news is I have not started smoking again despite all the fun I have been having, and better yet I have not started taking pain pills again. See, I am still progressing into positive land, I am just having other things annoy me along the way. I am off to cheer myself up by going through my room and begining to pack my shit up.
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Mel's Thingy [20 Aug 2007|05:36pm]
Here, I'm tired and really wanna play my game cube so I'm gonna be lazy and not tag people, but I'll do the facts thing just because it will be amusing to me to try and think of 7 fact like things about myself.

#1.- I am technically an hiress. My grandfather on my father's side was the president and CEO of SnapOn tool company for I am pretty sure over 10 years. He has loads of money and gives me chunks of it at times. I have owned stock since the day I was born and have stock in quite a few fairly successful companies. I don't know how much money it is worth right now but lets just say a lot. I'm not a big fan of money, being rich isn't really to big a thrill fo me. If I cared I wouldn't be nearly a satisfied with my life as I am. Yes, I do plan on doing a lot more with my life then I currently am and have stated, but it is going to be what I want and not just because of money.

#2.- I read loads of text books for fun just because I am an incredibly large dork. Serioulsy, I have been reading text books since I was about 7. I love knowing and learning things and it's probably actually quite odd how much I know about all the subjects I am familliar with. I am not very picky about them either. I've read series of huge text books just for the sheer desire to know what was in them. I am obbsessed with reading and will probably only keep getting worse and worse with this obbsession. Wanna know how sad it is? I read an entire encylopedia set while I was in middle school. I am so not kidding.

#3.- I have a rather high I.Q. and I choose not to use it. I have been tested a few times and have scored above genius level on every single one of them while also scoring higher then about 80% of anyone who has ever taken the tests in the United States. I have the results for one and out of a possible score of 123 I recieved a 113. I am really smart, whoop-dee-do, I know this. I don't think a single person has ever seen what I am completly capable of. Sure, I could be some ass hole know it all and be some jerk off big shot. Or I can just do what makes me happy and is good enough for me and just keep my intelegence to myself. My mother wanted a lawyer, she is gonna have to deal with the gay pagan artist. I guess I will be throwing her a bone when I complet my EMT certification bcause she also wanted me to be a doctor. I am pondering medical school but that won't be for awhile if at all.

#4.- I have played and beaten almost every Legend Of Zelda game ever made and am completly obbsessed with it. I know pretty much everything about every game, dungeon, character, ECT. I consider myself a Hylian and if that were an option on the censes thingys I would totally put it. Hyrule is my home, the Triforce is my holy deity, Link is my alterego, I love anything to do with Zelda. I am almost the same way with 'Friends', but Zelda definitly wins.

#5.- I have been following a Pagan path for nearly a decade and love it more then anything in existance. It is amazing, it explains so much about so many things, it's comforting, it's just awesome. One person is capable of so much and makes such a difference in so many things. So much makes so much more sense to me now that I know everything I have learned in these 10 years. It just kicks so much ass.

#6.- I don't think I will ever officially grow up. I will always love toys and things kids are only supposed to like. I will never be normal, I never want to be. That's what is part of the fun of being pagan and an artist, it lets you feel so comfortable looking at the world and everything in it in any way you want and not feeling bad about it at all. Why give up imagination and everything the world has to offer you just to be a boring old adult?

#7.- I still have 'imaginary friends', as far as I am concerned they are real people or just alterego's or copies of 'real' people. They exist, I see and talk to them, they answer and can fucntion here. They just happen to live on different planes and mortals on this plane or non-mortals who don't believe in them or are inexperienced with their kind interact with them. If you wanna, you will, It's like Faeries, if you think they are real, they are. I love them and have known some of them my whole life, it's like my own personal family of invisible people, I guess. I never told my parents about them because why should I have? My parents couldn't interact with them and didn't care. They're my guys, they are awesome.
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Why I Don't Live With Them [18 Aug 2007|10:55am]
So, I haven't smoked in over 48 hours, and I do not wish to kill anybody. This is a first for me. I actually am twice as proud of myself because considering how lunch with my parents went yesterday, I should have smoked a pack in the past 48 hours. Snaps for Gir and her attemp at not smoking anymore.

Yes, I did have lunch with my parents yesterday, it wasn't fun. Let's put it this way, my mom wants me to move back into their house and this is what I have to say to that. People consider me, and how I am, I would consider drowning in a pool of bleach more fun then living with them again. I spent not even two hours with them together yesterday and I wanted to kill them and myself. All they did was bicker at eachother, it drove me fucking crazy. My father smokes even more then I did and my mom is on these new pilss that apparently 'fuck up her hormones' and they do nothing but bitch at eachother. I actually laughed at them when they mentioned me living with them. No way in hell.

I did however state that I was moving and getting my own apartment. I did tell them I was going to finish my degree and get my EMT and Bartending certifications, and I did tell them I was very seriously considering moving to the city withing the next five years. My father, didn't say a word, and my mother, whom you could tell was using every ounce of control to not kill me, simpley said this. "Well, I hate that and am not happy at all about it but that apparently isn't going to stop you. But what the hell are you going to do there and why would you even want to live there?" Huh, lets ponder on that shall we? Let's try, because it is fucking amazing there and I love it and I could do a whole shit load of things there once I am done with school. I can bartend, I can do EMT work, I can open a business, I can do my photography, ECT! This woman is insane if she thinks I'd rather waste my life here then go to New York far away from her and have the best life ever! Again, I laughed at her.

But we all know my parents are morons. Anyways, Liz comes home tonight and is gonna get me from work and I'm gonna stay with her tonight. I missed her.

I really wanna take pictures.
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